Are you Serious? An eatble CD34 stem-cell Nurients?

The absorption of CD34 Nu-Cell® (Stem-Cell activivated protein) by the human body raises concerns among many individuals. This is primarily due to the fact that diabetes patients currently rely on insulin injections for treatment, as major pharmaceutical companies have not yet developed oral insulin medications. Hence, a question arises: Can CD34 Nu-Cell® provided by Beauty-Stem Biomedical be effectively absorbed through oral administration?

An Eatable CD34 Stem Cell?

An Eatable CD34 Stem Cell?


Current Technologies that you should know. What is oral?

Oral Insulin Status – Scientific Journal (Kumar V, Choudhry I, Namdev A, Mishra S, Soni S, Hurkat P, Jain A, Jain D. Oral Insulin: Myth or Reality. Curr Diabetes Rev. 2018;14(6):497-508. doi: 10.2174/1573399813666170621122742. PMID: 28637407.)

The production of an oral formulation of insulin continues to face challenges. While advanced laboratories have made progress in developing oral insulin formulations that utilize polymers like chitosan to protect insulin from stomach acid, allowing for absorption in the small intestine villi and entry into the bloodstream, certain obstacles remain. Despite these efforts, a portion of the insulin is still destroyed by stomach acid, and upon entering the bloodstream, some is metabolized by the liver. As a result, only a fraction of the insulin can effectively exert its effects in the body. This difficulty in mass production and the associated high costs, coupled with the limited effectiveness, present hurdles for pharmaceutical companies in the development of oral insulin formulations. Hence, these factors contribute to the current absence of widely available oral insulin options.


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CD34 Nu-Cell® (Stem-Cell activivated protein) developed by Power-Stem Biomedical distinguishes itself from insulin by utilizing oral microspheres that safeguard its activity and enable it to navigate stomach acid unharmed. The unique characteristic of CD34 Nu-Cell® lies in its lipophilic micro-liposome composition. Once absorbed by the small intestine villi, these micro-liposomes follow a different path than entering the bloodstream. Instead, they travel to the small intestinal lacteal, bypassing liver metabolism and entering the lymphatic system of the human body. This absorption mechanism ensures the safe transport of CD34 Nu-Cell® to the bone marrow, where it provides essential biological signals, thereby stimulating continuous stem cell production within the bone marrow factory. Consequently, the advanced absorption method employed by CD34 Nu-Cell® effectively nourishes and supplies vital biological signals to the bone marrow.

CD34 Nu-Cell® Microliposome

CD34 Nu-Cell® Microliposome Beauty-Stem Biomedical Power-Stem Biomedical CD34 Stem Cell


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As individuals age, the vitality of human stem cells tends to diminish, leading to the onset of numerous chronic diseases. Consequently, ensuring the well-being of stem cells becomes as crucial as maintaining a healthy balance in the human body. Sustaining optimal health is only attainable through consistent maintenance, allowing us to effectively address the diverse challenges associated with aging. To cater to these needs, Power-Stem Biomedical Inc. has established Beauty-Stem Biomedical, a dynamic platform dedicated to providing exceptional customer service to enhance your life, health, and overall wealth.


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